In additions to having good reasons and the right tools it is good to have an engaging vision and strong ideas before you start to build your futures. If you need inspiration, have a look at two of my books where I developed my ideas and visions in the past. Remember, the are merely meant to inspire you to dream up your own futures, not to be followed slavishly (or otherwise).

The last one I wrote a few years back. The book’s landing page is here.

A sample text can be downloaded here. To buy the book in Europe, click here. To buy the book with world-wide free shipping, click here. And the the link to the eBook version is here.

“Thank you so much for your book. It was one of the most interesting books I have read recently (and I read quite a lot). I am complimenting it with all sincerity for the way it has addressed me: I have been following issues of the future development of our society, sustainability and the needed shifts in our values systems for a while, but I have not encountered it in a structured, logical, conceptually organized way.” M Meier

“Reading your book gives me hope that things can be better and courage to change things at the small level to move things at the large level – with generous respect and time. ‘We learned how to count but we’ve forgotten what counts’ – so true! I’m impressed and inspired by your book!
” A Scherling

Before that I wrote a book almost 20 years ago. It only exists as an e-Book here. You can download sample text here.

“I am touched, moved and inspired by your words. Your thoughts serve as important validation for the urges I am feeling to follow my heart and not my wallet. It is very scary, but equally liberating.” C Norton

“I have just finished reading another ‘must-read’ book. Ulrich’s book, I believe, comes from – or from very close to – a sentinel experience. Certainly I feel ‘frames shifting’ in my mind as a result of reading his book … Ulrich’s book gives context, meaning, ‘colour’ and detail to the preferred ‘New Sustainability Paradigm’. But Ulrich’s book is different; it is essentially a personal intellectual journey recounted in conversational style, making it a powerful invitation to envision this desirable future with its liberating changes and daunting challenges.” E Heij

If you want to, you can also check out two presentations. And if you want an inspiring talk, contact us by sending us an e-mail to discuss things further.

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